Mascara, Mud Masks, and More—How Hemp is Infiltrating the Makeup Industry

By Shauna Willetts

Finding a foundation that truly matches your skin tone, a highlighter than can be seen from a block away, and the perfect mascara that truly holds up to its waterproof claims—these are standards most beauty gurus and makeup lovers won’t lower. But the hemp industry is creating newer, higher standards for the makeup market, especially when it comes to the ingredients that are used to formulate our favorite products.

Just last year, well-known beauty companies like Milk Makeup and Saint Jane introduced hemp derived ingredients into their makeup and skincare products. Milk Makeup, which is popular for their plant-based and cruelty-free properties, created an entire “KUSH” line that includes items like mascara, brow gel, and lip balm. These products all feature hemp seed oil, and for good reason.

The KUSH High Volume Mascara, for example, uses hemp oil for a plant-based alternative to beeswax that works to bind fibers together in order to stick to your eyelashes. But that’s not the only benefit. The nourishing properties of hemp seed oil may help reduce damage to the lashes, and might lessen eye irritation that can sometimes arise when using traditional eye makeup. 

Saint Jane

While Milk Makeup has mascara covered, Saint Jane is covering lips and skincare with their CBD oil infused lip glosses and skin serums.

Saint Jane was started, in fact, to surpass mainstream luxury beauty and skincare by creating a plant-based beauty company that incorporates the remarkable benefits of full-spectrum CBD. Their Microdose Lip Gloss, for example, is blended with shea butter, sunflower seed oil, and 50 mg of CBD to create a gloss that’s not only creatively colored and fun to use, but also nourishing for the lips.

More than a Trend

Hemp and CBD-infused makeup products are changing the beauty industry’s standards for what’s going into our makeup. Apart from the skin-friendly benefits, hemp is also serving as a plant-based alternative to animal derivatives, which is a great natural option that consumers can look for.

With hemp infiltrating the skincare and makeup industries, conscious beauty gurus are crossing their fingers that conventional makeup brands take note and recreate their products to be more environment-friendly (and safe to use on skin), whether that be with or without the inclusion of hemp based ingredients.

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