Remedy Review tests 29 CBD brands—4 fail and 1 product recall already issued

First review site invested in third-party testing of CBD finds pesticides, bacteria, and inaccurate labeling in products

RALEIGH, N.C. — Remedy Review, the venture capital-backed independent observer for natural health, conducted lab tests of top CBD products. The results—including 4 failures—indicated the need for independent monitoring and testing.

With medical professionals, celebrities, and athletes talking about the potential of CBD, consumer use is on the rise. Television segments from Dr. Oz and the TODAY Show and testimonials from celebrities like Kristen Bell and Ricky Williams contribute to this momentum. Now there is unprecedented incentive for brands to rush products to market and potentially take risks in the supply chain that could harm consumers.

To protect consumers Remedy Review tested 29 products, the beginning of an ongoing testing program validated by the Remedy Review Seal. Each of the products were tested for cannabinoid content, terpenes, heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, and microbiological contaminants. Cannabinoid tests were used to measure label accuracy, as a tested concentration within ten percent of the label was deemed accurate.

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Joy Organics Orange Bliss 500mg tincture failed testing for the pesticide Imazalil. Joy Organics was unaware of the issue until reached for comment.

“We have become aware by [Remedy Review] that Imazalil, a fungicide commonly used on citrus fruits, was found in one of our orange tinctures.” said Joy Smith, owner of Joy Organics, in a letter to customers. “We want to be extremely cautious and recall our Orange Bliss tincture that was purchased in the month of December 2018.”

Pure Hemp Botanicals’ 750mg Pure CBD Oil Full Spectrum Tincture did not pass the Remedy Review standard by exceeding limits for the pesticide synergist piperonyl butoxide. Piperonyl butoxide is approved for use by the Colorado Department of Agriculture for organic growth of industrial hemp but prohibited by the USDA National Organic Program—highlighting the confusing and irregular standards across the “organic” space.

Sagely Naturals Relief + Recovery CBD + Turmeric Capsules exceeded limits for bile-tolerant gram-negative bacteria. According to the lab, this bacteria is most likely introduced in the manufacturing process. Gram-negative bacteria contains a large number of organisms, some of which are harmless and others that present risk, possibly to those with weakened immune systems.

(Update March 25, 2019: Sagely Naturals completed further speciation on the gram negative bacteria with Eurofins. According to the brand, the two specific organisms that were found in the product are not harmful when consumed orally by adults.)

Tests showed JustCBD’s 550MG tincture (retail price $74.99) contained 1.8 mg/mL of CBD. This is one-tenth the listed concentration, or the CBD equivalent of a 50MG tincture that JustCBD sells for $15.00.

“One common thread when speaking to brands and industry observers is that there are no industry-wide standards,” said Marc Lewis, Executive Editor of Remedy Review. “Consumers need to be careful in a space where demand is dramatically outpacing oversight.”

As an independent observer, Remedy Review hopes the Remedy Review Seal will aid consumers in a confusing space by adding an additional layer of scrutiny to a growing online marketplace. The goal is to test products on an on-going basis moving forward.

About Remedy Review

Remedy Review is dedicated to advancing the wellness of people. Since its launch in October of 2018, the site has published articles on the medical, economic, and lifestyle potential of hemp. For people buying CBD online, Remedy Review is the only product review site that uses 3rd-party testing to protect consumers and hold brands accountable.


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