Most Popular Self-Care Accessory for Each State

By Shadee Ardalan
Drew L, Unsplash

In honor of Single’s Awareness Day, or Valentine’s to some, we were wondering what the most popular self-care activities are by state.

We used Google Trends to see what were the most searched self-care accessories that have been shopped for in the last year. 

Read on if you want to know what items people are purchasing to give themselves some TLC.

Aromatherapy, that’s the application of essential oils to promote health, is the most widely searched self-care accessory term. Using essential oils in massage, diffusing it into the air or adding it to a bath can provide a pleasant scent while reducing pain from headaches or PMS. It can also help promote a sense of calm and general well-being.

Next most popular self-care accessory is a foot peel. Maybe you’ve seen Youtube videos with beauty gurus showing the skin on their feet flaking off like a molting snake. The process induces disgust but the result is feet softer than a baby’s bottom. 

Finally, scented candles, bath bombs, face masks and an eye pillow, rounds out the self-care accessory nice-to-haves.

The South and the West love a good sniff. Aromatherapy came in first in the South with foot peel being a very close second. In the West, bath bombs, eye pillow, face masks and foot peel all tied for second after aromatherapy. 

What makes aromatic plant-based oils so popular? Their versatility can’t be beat. You can add them to lotions, your bath, and some are even indigestible. Add lavender to your favorite homemade facial mask and lemon oil to hot water with some honey for a delightful cup of tea. Put citrus oil in a spray bottle with water to make an air freshener and peppermint oil in chocolate truffles for a homemade Peppermint Patty.

The Northeast prefers to set the mood with some candles though aromatherapy was a close second. Solution: scented candles. While providing a soft, warm light and a delicate, sweet scent, lighting a candle when you are just with yourself can make an ordinary evening a little more magical. 

Finally, the Midwest can’t wait to get that sad, dry skin that makes feet look chapped and old. A good foot peel will make you look like a person who always remembers to moisturize. Whether you’re showing off your feet in yoga class or in sandals, having feet that look and feel great will give you more confidence and say to the world, “I love myself.”

When looking for healthy ways to care for yourself, you don’t actually need to spend a dime. Meditating, walking in nature, and sleeping are all free. But if you do want to make things a little extra, consider adding these accessories to your self-care rituals.

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