CBD Gum Is Now A Thing, Too

Let's chew on the potential benefits

By Josh Hall
Not Pot, Unsplash

Few things provide the level of immediate gratification that a good piece of chewing gum can. This sweet treat not only supplies a burst of flavor, but it helps to freshen our breath, can suppress poor behaviors like overeating or biting our nails, and even potentially prevent cavities. And while the candy companies that manufacture gum have been able to successfully introduce new flavors, customize a piece of gum’s shape, and streamline its packaging, its essence has remained relatively unchanged for more than a century. That is until gum infused with CBD oil hit the scene.

What is CBD Gum?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of more than 100 cannabinoids found in cannabis. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that has quickly risen in popularity as savvy cultivators have found innovative ways to introduce it into everyday products. It’s also one of the most potent cannabinoids, offering its users a long list of CBD oil benefits that may include relief from pain and anxiety, the prevention of seizures, and even improved sleep. Many people know all about the best CBD oils and CBD gummies, but CBD-infused gum is a newer product that consumers are eager to learn more about.

Benefits of Using CBD Gum

Whether it’s infused with CBD or not, medical research has shown that chomping on gum can actually improve cognitive function, while another study found gum to reduce anxiety significantly. And from combatting nausea to helping with digestion, gum’s surprising amount of benefits get supercharged when augmented by CBD.

You will find one of the most impactful benefits derived from CBD gum in its bioavailability, or the body’s ability to absorb the CBD into the bloodstream. The mechanism in which you use to ingest the compound can have a significant influence on its effectiveness. For instance, at least some of the CBD found in capsules becomes absorbed by your stomach acid as part of healthy digestive function. However, CBD gum directly hits the mucous membrane in your mouth, which means you receive a larger percentage of its potency. Because the gum is infused with CBD, chewing it provides the same benefits that other CBD products offer, which includes properties that may fight pain, anxiety, inflammation, and bacteria.

One other advantage of using CBD gum over other products is how discreet it is. Many users enjoy consuming their CBD with the help of vape pens or dabs, but those both require additional equipment and can draw attention to you if used in public. Popping in a piece of CBD gum looks no different than popping in any other piece of gum. It has the appearance of the type of gum you might buy in a drug store and does not leave an unusual smell. It’s also friendly to people who watch their caloric intake since CBD gum contains zero calories.

Recently, there’s been a lot of whispers about some of golf’s biggest stars chewing CBD gum on the course. Both Tigers Woods and Phil Mickelson were rumored to have been partaking while playing in The Masters Tournament this year, and one fan caught Mickelson using what is believed to be CBD oil. Mickelson has been candid about using gum as a strategic advantage to stimulate the frontal cortex of the brain, though he’s not publicly admitted to using CBD.

How Does it Work?

Some manufacturers will use a layered approach to construct the gum, spacing out the compound throughout the piece. The reason for this is users are supposed to chew the gum for an extended period, or at least longer than you might chew an ordinary piece of gum. Your saliva steadily receives the CBD throughout this time, a benefit that’s made possible by the introduction of layers.

One other interesting thing about CBD gum is that the user can actually control the bioavailability. When most of us chew gum, we think very little about the mechanics of how we actually munch down, but what you do with your saliva can influence the effects you feel with CBD gum. If you choose to swallow your saliva while you’re chewing the gum, it results in a sensation similar to an edible or any other orally administered product. However, if you’re able to keep the saliva in your mouth while continuing to chew, you receive sublingual bioavailability, which is much stronger than swallowing the compound. In other words, you stand to benefit the most by refraining from swallowing.

Is it Safe?

CBD gum should be safe to use, and since it does not contain THC, there’s no risk of getting high by chewing it. It’s also made with all-natural ingredients and generally does not contain sugar. Not only is that good from a dietary standpoint, but it also is beneficial for dental health. You may want to look for a CBD gum that does not contain any artificial ingredients and lacks any concerning side effects.

One thing to keep in mind is that like all CBD products, it’s crucial that you ensure your gum passes inspection by an independent lab. These third-party researchers will confirm that what’s packaged is clear of contaminants and an accurate representation of what the CBD content the manufacturer claims. Those inspections can also certify that the product is free of allergens and GMOs, which is vital for overall health.

Who Sells It?

As the amount of CBD users has grown, so too has the number of retailers who sell products—and CBD gum is no exception. CBD gum is entirely legal in the U.S., which means you can find it at specialty shops and online retailers fairly easily. As mentioned above, you should only shop with reputable retailers who are willing to stand by the validity and safety of their products. Before you buy anything, look for reviews online and read what other consumers are saying about that shop and the products they carry.

Final Thoughts

For many of us, we’ve had nearly a lifelong love affair with gum. From blowing bubbles as a kid to popping a piece just before a date, there’s no doubting it’s both a tasty and useful treat for our mouths. But CBD gum has taken those benefits to an entirely new level by maximizing the cognitive-boosting power gum chewing already provided. For people who are looking to incorporate CBD into their lives, CBD gum offers a subtle and convenient way to do so.

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