I Don't Like Weed. Will I Like CBD?

By Savannah Hasty
Louis Hansel

Cannabis is this decade’s “wonder drug,” claiming to aid in all ailments from anxiety and depression to chronic pain, Alzheimer’s disease, and much more. However, not everyone can or wants to enjoy the powerful effects of THC in cannabis products. Whether it’s due to past bad experiences or practical objections, marijuana is not the cure-all for everyone.

If you have had a bad experience from using marijuana in the past, or simply can’t partake because of work or at-home obligations, there may still be a cannabis solution for you: CBD. Cannabidiol is one of the chemical compounds extracted from the cannabis plant that can provide therapeutic effects without the psychoactive experiences that are common with THC intake. If one of these objections resonates with you, read on to learn how CBD may be the right alternative.

I don’t like weed because it gives me anxiety/makes me paranoid.

Marijuana is a psychoactive drug that can cause powerful mind altering effects. For some, smoking is a relaxing and soothing experience for both mind and body. For others, it can be anxiety-provoking. If you’ve ever smoked too much or eaten an all-too-powerful edible, you may have experienced the overthinking, paranoia, or social anxiety that some call the “weed demons.” Luckily, these negative psychoactive effects come from only one chemical compound, THC, and not CBD. The physical calming and relaxing effects primarily come from CBD. You can still benefit from cannabidiol without the strong psychoactive effects that the entire plant can cause.

I don’t like weed because I can’t fully function when I’m high.

It’s true that marijuana is a drug that can impair your ability to think clearly by slowing your motor functions, impeding mental faculty, and making you feel sluggish, spacey, or completely debilitated. If you want the feel-good effects of cannabis while still being able to carry a normal conversation or make it out in public without worry, you can choose CBD. CBD does not cause negative cognitive reactions because it isn’t a psychoactive substance. You can take CBD and function properly, without feeling glued to the couch.

I don’t like weed because it makes me feel tired/lazy/overcome with the munchies.

Recreational marijuana users are pinned with many stereotypes: being frivolous, spaced out, and prone to a never-ending appetite. While these may seem like harmless side effects, they can cause disruptions in your sleeping and eating habits. CBD in higher doses can promote easy sleep and appetite. However, it is not nearly as powerful as smoking or ingesting THC. Instead, CBD will help you rest without causing you to wake up feeling groggy, and it may promote increased appetite without the onset of intense cravings.

I don’t smoke weed because I could get drug tested.

There are many states in which medical marijuana is legal. However, the laws in these states in regards to medical marijuana use and employment are highly varied. In some states, companies can still drug test you, choose to not hire you, or even terminate your employment if you test positive—regardless of your medical marijuana prescriptions. CBD, however, does not show up on drug tests in over 99.8% of drug screenings. For CBD to show up on a drug test, you would likely have to take 1000 to 2000 mg of CBD per day, which is way above the recommended dose for most recreational users. Even if CBD does create a false positive on a drug test, typically employers can ask for a more specific drug test to rule out marijuana consumption.

I don’t smoke weed because I’m in recovery.

While marijuana is not considered a physically addictive substance, it has been argued to be a psychologically addictive substance or activity, similar to gambling. Using marijuana while in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is a slippery slope that may lead to a relapse. However, CBD has been used as an effective form of treatment for certain addiction recovery programs. It does not provide a physical or mental “high;” however, it can help ease symptoms of withdrawals and help with symptoms related to anxiety and depression. Some studies show that CBD may become a preferred method for clinical detox over traditional narcotic withdrawal medications.

I don’t smoke weed because it is illegal in my state.

If marijuana is not legal in your state, but you would like to try a natural, earth-based remedy for pain, anxiety, another ailment, CBD may be the right choice for you. Even in states where medical marijuana is illegal, you can obtain hemp-based CBD legally either in-store or online. There are many different options including edibles, vape pens, even coffee and tea blends with infused CBD. If you are 420-friendly but your state is not, CBD could be an alternative that meets your needs.

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