Herbal Remedies

Zinc, A Promoter of Vital Health

By Jaclyn Jacobsen, MS

Zinc is an essential trace mineral that can be found in foods like red meat, shellfish, legumes and seeds or can be consumed in supplement form.

It is an essential nutrient as the body cannot produce zinc on its own, thus meeting the daily requirement of 11mg per day is vital to your ability to thrive.

Zinc is also responsible for over 100 catalytic reactions in the body, meaning it supports many processes such as those involved with your immune system, metabolism and cell regeneration.

Best to Support Zinc Deficiency

NOW Supplements, Zinc 50 mg

Free of all common allergens and environmental toxins, NOW offers a supplement with 50mg of zinc which is 455% more than the RDA (recommended dietary allowance). This product works well for those who are looking to remedy a zinc deficiency as it may improve the levels of zinc in the blood while avoiding any food or environmental allergens.

Summary of NOW Supplements, Zinc 50 mg:
  • GMP certified
  • Vegan friendly
  • Supports enzyme function

Best Immune Support

Garden of Life Raw Zinc with Vitamin C

Garden of Life Zinc is a good option if you’re looking to support your immune system and better your skin health. With its a blend of zinc and vitamin C, this product may reduce the chances of getting sick as well as it may give healthier, glowing skin. All nutrients in this product are also derived from raw whole food sources and are certified organic and non-GMO.

Summary of Garden of Life Raw Zinc with Vitamin C:
  • Great for skin health
  • Contains probiotics & digestive enzymes
  • No binders or fillers

Best Value

Nature’s Way Zinc Lozenge

For those who have a difficult time swallowing tablets or capsules, Nature’s Way berry flavored lozenges are a great alternative. Their blend contains zinc along with other immune boosters such as echinacea and Vitamin C. This product is also good choice if you’re looking to increase your antioxidant intake as well.

Summary of Nature’s Way Zinc Lozenge:
  • Wild berry flavor
  • Vegetarian
  • Meets RDA for Zinc and Vitamin C

What You Need to Know

When purchasing a zinc supplement,  look for zinc gluconate, zinc citrate or zinc picolinate on the label as these are the most highly absorbable forms. A product containing vitamin C will also support absorption and increase immune support along with skin health.

When choosing a delivery method (tablet, capsule, liquid, nasal spray) avoid nasal sprays containing zinc as they have been linked to loss of smell.


Why Would You Take Zinc?

Consider taking supplemental zinc if you start to notice signs of deficiency which can include:

  • Acne
  • Brittle nails
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of taste and smell
  • Poor vision
  • Loss of appetite

Many of these symptoms can also lead to dehydration which can affect your absorption of other essential nutrients as well. If you are unable or unwilling to ensure you are consuming enough zinc through your food choices on a daily basis, a supplement may help you avoid deficiency and maintain optimal health.

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